Our Organization

Ir. Rajab Bahri, MBA

President Director

Mr. Rajab Bahri is the founder of PT ALdaberta Indonesia. He graduated from Birmungham Busniess School UK and Mechanical Engineering & Biosystem IPB. He was the Energy Head of PT Bakrie & Brothers, a strategic investment division in petrochemical, coal mining, oil/gas pipelines and power plant.

Ir. Anita Novrida, MM


Ambarina, S.I.Kom

Director of Finance

Rochmat Tomi Setiaji, S.E

Director of Technical & Operations

Riris Ursula L. Tobing, SE, ME

Deputy Director of PMC, Operations & HRD

Ir. Eko Supriyo Aji

Deputy Director of Technical

Rahmi Amalia

Deputy Director of Finance

Suwindi Saragih, S. TP

Deputy Director of Technical & Business Development

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